Repurposing is the use of a product or material for different function than it was originally produced for. Repurposed materials are often associated with architectural design features and art projects. However, identifying alternative uses for outdated assets may not only save disposal fees but also save material costs spent elsewhere.


Enel: Furtur-E


  • Until a few years ago, the energy necessary to supply power to Italy was produced by a small number of large power plants. Today, smaller plants throughout the country, working with renewable and conventional sources, are shaping a new, more balanced generation model, in which clean energy plays an increasingly relevant part.
  • Large and efficient power plants continue to be essential to meet the country’s energy needs and ensure a safe energy system, but the production capacity of Italian thermal power plants is clearly exceeding the demand.


  • Dismiss 23 old thermal plants in Italy (around 13 GW), giving a strong contribution to decarbonization but at the same time upcycling the sites to benefit local communities and stakeholders and preserving the environment.


  • Enel started the Futur–e project, managing the 23 plants as a single portfolio to maximize visibility and synergies.
  • Enel performed analysis of local areas potential, shared and discussed with local communities, launched tenders both for ideas and for projects.

Key benefits

  • End of life plants are being converted into new opportunities for business, in some cases directly owned by Enel, in other cases, by through selling to other operators.
  • New partnerships and collaborations are being developed.
  • Local communities are benefiting from new opportunities for employment.
  • Enel in all tendering favored circular projects to increase the sustainability of its approach.